May 18-22
Mrs. Marcus will be your teacher Monday as Ms White has a meeting at the High School during your math class.
On Thursday, a UVA person will be coming to see what we do with the iPods, so PLEASE BRING YOUR IPOD TO SCHOOL!

Would you please put your NEW iPod number on YOUR page and in the list on the home page to this wiki??

At some point this week, I want you to explore the multiplication games. Play three of them at least 30 minutes each over the next week and then write about the one you think is the best and why.

This week I am going to be a bit more directed about your homework:

Monday: during class, work on your wiki, and catch up on your iPod Touch homework.

HW: Answer these questions:

Have you ever gotten into anything on the iPod that you shouldn't have? Can you get to websites that you shouldn't? What would you do if that happened?

Please choose a Math podcast about fractions and decimals and write about it.

Tuesday: Can you take pictures with your iPod? Can you do a screen snapshot? Have you changed your wallpaper? Play with the settings, but be careful you don't mess anything up seriously, please. Do not forget the multiplication homework (in this same color above).

Wednesday: If we cleaned up the iPods and got rid of some apps, please make a list of the ones we should get rid of. Use notes to make your list. Play with Whiteboard and make sure you know how to use it. We're going to use it tomorrow in class.