IPod Touch Charter application:

During the 2008-2009 school year, Crozet School had an iPod pilot with 7 3rd graders. These students explored the iPod Touches, taking them home and exploring and evaluating applications through class discussions. We also used these in class lessons (see http://tzstchr.edublogs.org for a description of some sample lessons). The students involved would like to continue the pilot next year, expanding it to involve some additional variables and committing to creating a wiki aimed at discussing the applications in a more interactive way. Critical thinking activities and projects utilizing the iPod Touches will also be a priority.

I would also like to expand it to two other groups we will be working with next year to explore gender specific apps and reactions. We will have a boys only SCRATCH club (the beginning programming app from MIT) and a girls only club called Girls Afterschool Initiating New Studies (GAINS) that will explore STEM materials, including robotics. I would like to use iPod Touches with both of these groups to explore STEM issues and compare the gender specific reactions to similar stimuli (whether it be a program, web site, activity or creative website.)